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2 min readJun 15, 2023
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With so many companies promising to be the best in document accessibility, how do you know which one to trust?

Allow us to make our case.

When it comes to providing quality accessible documents in braille, large print, audio, and accessible PDF, our customers know they can put their trust in us.

Based on their feedback, here are the reasons why our customers prefer our service.

Accessibility Never Looked This Good

Braille is the most commonly known form of an accessible document. What makes the way we produce braille so unique then? Well, to guarantee a positive experience with our accessibility products, we have a team of professionals that:

  • Add content to make the document easy to navigate. Your guests can quickly find what they are looking for.
  • Include a tactile cover page so your guests can easily find the beginning of the document.
  • Ensure new items, sections, and paragraphs are easily distinguishable.

Curious about what goes into making quality braille? We’ve got the answers!

Three images that show Braille Works products which include a large print document and brochure, a braille menu, and a USB thumb drive.

Producing quality accessibility continues beyond braille though. We’ll give you the highlights of our other, equally important, accessible documents that we offer.

Large Print Documents get an upgrade with a minimum 18-point sans-serif font and a greyscale makeover so that the content can be easily read.

Text-to-Speech Audio is assembled to allow the listener to easily navigate through the document so that they can skip the content they don’t want to hear and go straight to the information they need.

PDF Files are properly tagged to allow assistive technology to read the digital information out loud in the correct order.

A properly tagged PDF document that begins with “Heading 1” that is related to the title, “The tag layer matters a lot”. Followed by “Heading 2” which relates to the title of the following paragraph, “What is a PDF tag?” Then the “paragraph” tag to highlight the information. Lastly, is the “Figure” tag which refers to the image in the PDF document.

Inclusivity is at the heart of our commitment. Whether you need a well-formatted braille document, a user-friendly audio file, or enhanced large print and accessible PDFs, we got you! Going the extra mile to ensure everyone can easily access information, well that’s just how Braille Works.

Discover the other reasons now!

This post was written by Keziah Kopman

Originally published at https://brailleworks.com on June 15, 2023.



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